Ghent University Selected to Participate in Japanese-Korean Symposium on Corona Policy

(05-10-2020) Hokkaido University and Seoul National University have invited Ghent University to speak on its corona policy during their yearly symposium.

Hokkaido University and Seoul National University's yearly symposium will be held online on the 5th of November this year, due to corona. The 2020 symposium theme is "Universities’ Challenges in the Peri to Post-Covid-19 World”. Ghent University is one of two European institutions that has been invited to speak on its corona policy to our Japanese and South-Korean colleagues.

Frederik De Decker, head of the International Relations Office in the Department of Educational Policy, is set to speak at the symposium. Among other things, he will deal with the measures that the University has taken during the last couple of months, the organization of corona-proof education and exams and the communications strategy that was implemented during the crisis, both internally and to international partners and students.

The purpose of the symposium is the facilitation of knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions on corona policy between senior managers of our partner universities. It's a great opportunity to prepare for the future challenges that a post-corona society is sure to pose to universities.

“I personally feel Ghent University is particularly suited to speak of COVID-19 policy since it has worked hard, from the very beginning of this pandemic, to gather all required & useful information needed to tackle the pandemic and disseminate it publicly as a one-stop resource-page for researchers. I think there is much that HU and SNU can learn from the policies that Ghent University implemented."  (Taena Uemura, Institute for International Collaboration, Hokkaido University)