Brochure Focus on Ghent University

In the brochure ‘Focus on Ghent University’ we proudly present our higher education institution. Ghent University is an enterprising university with an international appeal. Our motto is ‘Dare to think’: we encourage students and staff members to adopt a critical approach. Pluralism and social engagement are the historic cornerstones of our philosophy. Diversity, participation and independence are common denominators in our policies.
'Focus on Ghent University' describes the key tasks education, scientific research and public service delivery. The university is a unique
biotope of academic education and scientific research, pillars that are inseparably linked with one another. The cross-fertilization between education and research is vital if we want to continue to play a leading innovative role.
In ‘Focus on Ghent University’ we also concentrate on the close links between Ghent University and the city and region. Together with our local and (inter)national partners, we play a major role as a catalyst of innovation in all areas. Finally, in this publication we take a look at student facilities and the role of our university as the largest employer in East Flanders.


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