Digital Inter-Institutional Agreements for Erasmus+

Latest update: 27/10/2022.

In autumn 2022 the European Commission announced via the National Agencies that from the beginning of 2023 onwards, agreements should be concluded in a digital format.

Ghent University would like to inform its (potential) Erasmus+ partners about Inter-Institutional Agreements between Programme Countries in the new programme (for the period 2022/2023 - 2027/2028).

On this page we’ll share updates about the process and timeline for the renewal process at Ghent University.

We are ready for digital agreements

Ghent University is connected to EWP in production for IIAs with its in-house system and has successfully concluded several agreements already. We will contact you to sign the digital agreement via email when we send the agreement via EWP.

The EWP infrastructure should be used for signing agreements and consists out of two main elements:

  1. The Erasmus+ Dashboard including the Inter-Institutional Agreement Manager
  2. The Erasmus Without Paper Network connecting your own system that includes functionality for creating Inter-Institutional Agreements with the system used by your partner.

In principle you don’t need to worry about the system in use by your institution or Ghent University as we will all be connected via Erasmus Without Paper and systems know what tool is used.

What if you are not ready?

In order to avoid duplicate work, Ghent University won’t sign PDF agreements (we only make an exemption for new partners) and prefers to wait until our partner is ready to exchange the agreement in a digital format. We consider a confirmation via email as a sufficient guarantee for making spots available for our students.

Flexible in the transitional year

Ghent University will be flexible towards partners in this transitional year for mobilities taking place in 2022/23.


For information on the cooperation conditions you can contact our Faculty Officer responsible for Internationalisation

For information on signature procedures you can contact the central International Relations Office at