Supplier information on electronic invoicing


The RD of 9 March 2022 requires entrepreneurs to send their invoice electronically in the context of government contracts.

From 01.03.2023, all invoices for contracts over €3,000 must be submitted electronically. Invoices in another format (e.g. pdf) are not considered electronic invoices


Ghent University expects electronic invoicing in XML UBL 2.1 format with pdf as embedded document via the PEPPOL network.

Find out how to send correct e-invoices (government website)

  • Peppol participant ID: 9925:BE0248015142
  • Full Peppol participant ID: iso6523-actorid-upis::9925:be0248015142

Purchase order number

Always state purchase order number in the XML Tag cac-OrderReference/cbc-ID/ field.

  • Format 10 digits starting with 420 or 440
  • If no purchase order number is available, always contact the customer (UGent department) to obtain a purchase order number. The invoice cannot be processed without a purchase order number.

Why an SAP purchase order?

Electronic invoicing is de facto central invoicing where the SAP purchase order number is the unique identification and link to the ordering party. Invoices can only be processed and paid with a correct University of Ghent SAP purchase order number. In addition, an approved purchase order guarantees the reservation of funds for the payment of your delivery.


Koenraad Diependaele


The European Commission has introduced a European standard and technical specification for e-invoicing: EN 16931-1:2017 and CEN/TS 16931-2:2017. The semantic data model for the invoice and credit note are available online via PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0

  • What is PEPPOL?
    PEPPOL is the acronym for Pan European Public Procurement Online. PEPPOL relies on the eDelivery Network to connect different eProcurement systems by establishing a set of common business processes and technical standards.
    The PEPPOL eDelivery Network, or PEPPOL Network for short, provides a standard format and an agreement framework for electronic documents. PEPPOL is not a platform. Connection to the PEPPOL network is via a PEPPOL Access Point.
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  • What is a PEPPOL Access Point?
    A PEPPOL Access Point is similar to a telecom operator providing access to the GSM mobile network. A PEPPOL Access Point is an organisation that connects businesses to the PEPPOL network through a PEPPOL Participant ID. List of Certified Peppol Service Providers
  • What is a PEPPOL Participant ID?
    A PEPPOL participant ID is a unique identifier of an organisation within the PEPPOL network. A PEPPOL participant ID is similar to a mobile phone number within the GSM network. Examples of a PEPPOL Participant ID are the CBE or enterprise number or VAT number.
    The PEPPOL Directory similar to the telephone directory contains all PEPPOL participants.
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