Ghent University opens 2021-2022 academic year

Monday 27 September 2021 marks the beginning of a brand-new academic year. Yes, we will finally be back together again on campus. And no, things won't all be the same, but together we can handle anything!


Yes, we are excited about the new academic year! We are looking forward to meeting each other on campus again, to study and work together. Still have some questions? Check this link:

Visual YES/NO opening academic year 2021-2022AND NO

Back at last...?

"Does anyone know where the breakout rooms are?"
"Attending classes in my pyjamas at home also has its advantages."
"Too bad I'm not home now to take delivery of my order."

No, not everything will be the same. Some things may well be different - and better. But together, we will turn this into a wonderful academic year. We once again extend a warm welcome to all the tens of thousands of students and employees at Ghent University!

Join in: spread the welcome message

Spruce up your social media cover photos, put up a poster at your student digs or at home... Join us in opening this new academic year of YES AND NO!

Official opening academic year

This year we could once again start the academic year in line with a tradition established over many years: a colourful procession departed from the recently reopened Boekentoren (Book Tower), to make its way to the Aula for a formal sitting on 24 September.

  • Watch the recordings of the entire event: 

© UGent - Jonas VandecasteeleThe Boekentoren is back (and you can visit it)

After a nine-year-long renovation, the Boekentoren is reopening. Home to Ghent University’s library, the building is the biggest heritage library in all of Flanders. You can now visit the tower on a guided tour or virtual tour.

Visit the Boekentoren in person, or from the comfort of your couch

Wanted: tales as tall as the tower

We are looking for tall tales and Boekentoren memories. Do you have a story you would like to share? An unforgettable moment you experienced in the Boekentoren? Did anything funny happen in the tower? Or perhaps you met the love of your life within its walls? Let us know! We have something in mind for the most remarkable tales.

Mail us your exciting story about the Book Tower


We wish each of you a smooth start to the new academic year. We are going for shared challenges in which everybody at Ghent University - staff as well as students - will be making a difference.