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Francesco Nicoli is Assistant Professor of European and International Economic Governance. As a political economist, his research addresses the interactions between economic governance institutions, public opinion, and economic crises in a dynamic perspective; overall, he is interested in how economic crises shape the process of integration and sovereignty allocation in Europe and elsewhere. He has a keen interest in applying and developing multi-methods approaches for the analysis of social science data, in the collection of novel datasets, and in the construction and administration of experiments. Recent publications have appeared on European Union Politics, the Journal of Common Market Studies, the Journal of European integration, the Journal of European Public Policy, as well as the European Journal of Public Health.
Italian of origin, he has lived in France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Before coming back to academia, he worked for the EU-focused think-tanks Bruegel, CEPS and European Policy Centre; he still maintains an interest in the relationships between basic academic research and actual policy applications.
At UGent, he is responsible for a course in International and European Economics, a course on the economic, legal and political elements of public economics, and the economic module of a course on advanced European Integration.
You can follow prof. Nicoli on twitter (@francesconicoli) as well as on his blog ( where he routinely publishes new ideas and concepts before putting them forward as actual academic research.


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