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Bert George is a lecturer in public management at Ghent University. He obtained his PhD in TEW at Ghent University in 2016. His research themes focus on how strategic decisions by policymakers and managers in the (semi) public sector can be improved so that they help achieve policy goals. Bert has published in top journals in public administration and is a member of the editorial board of Public Management Review and Review of Public Personnel Administration. He received various prizes for his research, including the triennial prize for the best Belgian doctorate in the public economy awarded by CIRIEC Belgium. Bert is co-chair of the study group on strategic management of EGPA and teaches in the bachelor and master courses in Public Administration and Public Management at Ghent University.


Strategic planning and management in (semi) public organizations
Performance of (semi) public organizations
Behavior theory in administration and policy
Quantitative research methods including experimental research and meta-analysis