The teaching assignment of the department includes teaching courses, supervising students, giving exercises, examining students and supervising final papers. This is followed by the courses provided by the members of the department.

Since the 2019-2020 academic year, Ufora, the central E-learning platform of Ghent University, is being used.



Study guide 

Course offerings and teaching methods

Petra Andries

 Basic Entrepreneurship (E076450)

SEM 1 [nl]

Catherine Apers

Operational Human Resource Management (F000821) SEM 2 [nl]

Performance Management  (F710338)

SEM 1 [nl]

Organization Theory  (F000855)

SEM 2 [en]

Mieke Audenaert

Business Skills (F000551) SEM 2 [nl]
People management  (F710335) SEM 1 [nl]

Dries Benoit

  Bayesian Statistic (C003400) SEM 2 [en]
  Bayesian Statistic (F000803) SEM 2 [en]
  Pricing and Revenue Management (F000800) SEM 1 [en]
  Pricing and Revenue Management (F000883) SEM 1 [en]
Datamining  (F000759) SEM 1 [en]

Matthias Bogaert

Social Media and Web Analytics  (F000799) SEM 2 [en]
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics (F000801) SEM 2 [en]
Advanced Predictive Analytics (F000882) SEM 2 [en]

Dirk Buyens

Human Resources Management (F000671) SEM 2 [en]

Elke Cabooter

  Business Research Methods (F000763) SEM 2 [nl]
Research Methods II (F000858) SEM 2 [nl]

Bart Clarysse

Chemistry  (C003981) SEM 2 [nl]

Saskia Crucke

Corporate Social Responsibility (F000805) SEM 2 [nl]
Corporate Social Responsibility  (F000859) SEM 2 [nl]
Corporate Social Responsibility  (F710238) SEM 2 [nl]
Organization and Human Resources: Contemporary Issues  (F710332) SEM 1 [nl]

Adelien Decramer

Communication and Organizational Behaviour (A000574) SEM 1 [nl]
Organizational Behaviour  (F710229) SEM 2 [nl]
Organization Theory  (F000855) SEM 2 [en]

Yann Dekeyser

International Business Class  (000863)   SEM 1 (en)

Patrick De Pelsmacker

  Marketing Communication  (F000698) SEM 1 [en]

Melissa De Regge

General Methodology of Scientific Research in Management Sciences   (D012145) SEM 2 [nl]
SEM 2 [nl]
Qualitative Research in the Management Science  (D012963) SEM 2 [nl]

Sebastian Desmidt

General Management (F000739) SEM 2 [nl]
Introduction Business Administration and Management (F710218) SEM 1 [nl]
Strategic management  (F710299) SEM 2 [nl]
Introduction to Management  (F710378) SEM 2 [nl]
Business Administration (F000845) SEM 2 [nl]

Dave Gelders

  Public Marketing and External Communication (F000832) SEM 2 [nl]

Paul Gemmel

General Management and Organisation (D012142) SEM 2 [nl]
Service Design (F000807) SEM 1 [nl]
Managing Service Organisations (F000700) SEM 1 [en]
Service Management in Health Institutions (D012965) SEM 1 [en]

Maggie Geuens

  Marketing management (F000768) SEM 1 [nl]
  Marketing  (A000025) SEM 1 [nl]
  Marketing (D000013) SEM 1 [nl]
  Consumer Behaviour (F000695) SEM 1 [en]

Derrick Gosselin

  Business and International Marketing (F000697) SEM 2 [en]

Elke Huyghe

  Market Research Methods (F000696) SEM 1 [en]

Lieven Jonckheere

Introduction to Psychology (F710270) SEM 1 [nl]
Human Resource Management in Public Organisations (F000811) SEM 1 [en]

Mirjam Knockaert

Business Administration (F000845) SEM 2 [nl]
Entrepreneurship  (F000860) SEM 1 [nl]
Business Planning: Integration Test  (F000862) SEM 2 [nl]

Leen Lagasse

  Marketing management (F710227) SEM 1 [nl]
  Sales Channels   (F710406)
Retail Management (F710236)
Social marketing  (F710371) SEM 1 (nl)

Bart Lariviére

Marketing 1  (F000854) SEM 1 [en]

Fred Lemke

Business Development and Strategic Selling (F000875)  SEM 2 [en]

Kenn Meyfroodt

General Management (F000739) SEM 2 [nl]

Steve Muylle

  Business-to-business Marketing (F000699) SEM 1 [en]

Maikel Pellens

Research Methodology (F000810) SEM 1 [nl]
Entrepreneurship (I001949) SEM 2 [nl]
Entrepreneurship  (D012990) SEM 2 [nl]

Davide Rigoni

Buying Behavior (F710301) SEM 1 [en]

Eveline Schollaert

Human Resource Management  (F710228) SEM 1 [en]
Corporate Social Responsibility  (F000859) SEM 2 [nl]
Corporate Social Responsibility (F710238) SEM 2 [nl]

Hendrik Slabbinck

  International and Cross-cultural Marketing (F710290) SEM 2 [en]
  Marketing planning (F710305) SEM 1 [nl]
  Market Research (F710304) SEM 1 [nl]

Adriaan Spruyt

Sales Channels and Techniques (F000876) SEM 1

Sarah Steenhaut

  Digital marketing (F000876)
SEM 2 [en]

Dieneke Van de Sompel

  Encyclopedia of Communication Studies (K001155) SEM 1 [nl]

Dirk Van den Poel

  Analytical Customer Relationship Management (F000712) SEM 1 [en]
  Marketing Information Systems - Database Marketing (F000880) SEM 1 [en]
  Big data (F000802) SEM 1 [en]
  Analytical Customer Relationship Management (F000881) SEM 1 [en]

Alex Vanderstraeten

Introduction to human resource management  (E076130) SEM 1 [en]
Human resource management in public organisations (F000811) SEM 1 [en]
Introduction to Sociology  (F710271) SEM 2 [nl]
Strategic human resource management  (F710336) SEM 1 [en]

Greet Van Hoye

Staffing and Employer Branding  (F710334) SEM 1 [nl]
Research  methods in human resource management and organizational behavior  (F710374) SEM 1 [en]

Patrick Van Kenhove

Research Methods II (F000858) SEM 2 [nl]
  Business Research Methods (F000763) SEM 2 [nl]
  Market Research Methods (F000696) SEM 1 [en]

Anneleen Van Kerckhove

  Marketing  II (F000856) SEM 2 [en]
Consumer Behaviour  (F000695) SEM 1 [en]
Marketing in Practice (F000877)
SEM 2 [en]

Wendy Van Lippevelde

  Research Methods I (F000851) SEM 2 [en]
Community Health Promotion (I002785) SEM 2 [en]
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (D013098) SEM 2

Katrien Verleye

Marketing 1 (F000854)
Innovation Management  (F000892) SEM 2 [en]
Service Implementation  (F000808) SEM 1 [nl]
Qualitative Research in the Management Science  (D012963) SEM 2 [nl]
General Methodology of Scientific Research in Management Sciences (D012145) SEM 2 [nl]

Iris Vermeir

  Marketing Communication (F710303) SEM 1 [en]

Jacob Vermeire

  Entrepreneurship (I001949) SEM 2 [nl]
Entrepreneurship  (D012990) SEM 1 [nl]

Johan Verrue

Dare to Venture (E076460) SEM 2 [nl]
Strategic management  (F000442) SEM 2 [nl]
Entrepreneurship  (F710117) SEM 1 [nl]
Technology Entrepreneurship  (F000891) SEM 1 [nl]

Julie Verstraeten

Introduction to Market Research  (A000663) SEM 1 [en]