Graduated PhD students

Date Research Title Placement E-mail Website
Jasmien Dewinne February 2018 The Consequences of Food Price Changes: A Macroeconomic Perspective 

Marco Bernardini December 2017 Private Debt and Macroeconomic Stability Bank of Italy link
Brecht Boone June 2017 Labour Market Imperfections, Expectations and Fiscal Policy in Dynamic Macro Models E.CA Economics link
Ewoud Quaghebeur May 2017 Expectations and the Macroeconomic Dynamics of Fiscal Policy UGent link
Hauke Vierke September 2015 Macroeconomics and the Labor Market European Commission link
Ruben Schoonackers September 2015 Empirical Essays on Fiscal Policy, Growth and Consumption National Bank of Belgium
Selien De Schryder September 2015 Topics in Monetary Economics UGent link
Tim Buyse June 2014 Public pension and debt policies in general equilibrium Flanders Social and Economic Council (research department) link
Arnoud Stevens June 2013 Applications in dynamic stochastic general equilibrium macroeconomics National Bank of Belgium
Daan Isebaert October 2013 Housing and Labour Market Performance Flemish Organization for the Social Enterprise Sector
Renaat Van De Kerckhove April 2013 Public Policy, Employment and Growth in Open Economies Infrabel (Belgian Railway Infrastructure Manager)
Benjamin Verhelst September 2012 Price Rigidity in Europe and the US: Measurement and Explanation using Scanner Data Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Ine Van Robays May 2012 The interactions between oil, the macroeconomy and monetary policy European Central Bank link

Punnoose Jacob

May 2010 Three essays in dynamic stochastick macroeconomics École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne link
Christiane Baumeister December 2009 Empirical macro models in a time-varying framework Bank of Canada link
Tino Berger May 2008 Identifying and explaining structural unemployment University of Münster link
Maarten Dossche December 2008 Essays on inflation dynamics National Bank of Belgium link
Ferre De Graeve December 2007 Interactions between the real and financial economy Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas link
Sabien Dobbelaere May 2004 An Analysis of Union Behaviour and Wage Formation in a Globalised Word VU University Amsterdam link
Lorenzo Pozzi January 2003 Fiscal Policy, Government Debt and Private Consumption Erasmus University Rotterdam link
Gerdie Everaert November 2000 Public Capital, Economic Growth and the Labour Market Ghent University link