Research Data Management

What is research data management?

Proper handling of research data is an essential part of the research process. This is important, not only from the viewpoint of research organisation and collaboration, but also from the viewpoint of scientific integrity (transparency of methodology, reproducibility, verifiability and reuse).

Data management includes all actions needed to make research data discoverable, accessible and understandable in the long term: organization, documentation, storage, sharing and archiving.


Since September 2016 Ghent University has adoptd a policy on research data management.  Also for the European Commission (H2020) and the Flemisch government (FWO) data management has become a very important part of their policies.

Data Management Tools

Ethics and research

Many codes and guidelines have been written about ethics in research.  Here you can find some of the codes of conducts and more information on e.g. GDPR:

For specific questions about GDPR you can contact DOZA: