Statistical databases (Eikon, Bel-First,

Attention.  When you're working at Campus Mercator, extra steps have to be taken to access these databases.

Eikon (Thomson Reuters)

The historical and financial database Eikon (With Datastream) contains global financial and economical data.  It uses Datastream, Advanced Analytics, Worldscope and Dealscan within one single interface.


Students can use 2 PC's available at the faculty library.  Reservations are mandatory and only max. 2 hours per day/per person via:

  • the front desk of the library
  • E-mail of by phone at 09/264.34.73

Information and training


Bel-first contains information on large companies or companies on the stock exchange from Belgium and Luxemburg.  

This database is accessible at the faculty library on Campus Tweekerken and at Campus Mercator on several specific computers. Go to

Every new user needs to make a personal account using:

username: UGENT belfirst

password: UGENT belfirst

Attention.  Only 3 computers can access Bel-First simultaneously.  It could happen you are reffered to a que.

Information and training

  • User guide
  • Training sessions are in cooperation with the teaching professor.

Watch the recording of the Bel-first training session by Nancy Mahoro (Bureau Van Dijk), 2021. 

Orbis Europe

Orbis EU is an extensive database that contains information on 170 million companies world wide.

Access at the faculty library on Campus Tweekerken only through the catalogue:, search for 'Orbis EU' and login with your UGent-account.

A training session is available for this database.

OECD Statistical Compendium

The OECD DSI Statistical Compendium is a statistical publication covering the full scope of the OECD's area of expertise.

Trends Top

Trends is one-stop-shop for up to date information on business and also contains webtools for financial analysis, prospection, geomarketing and sales management. 

There is access on Campus Tweekerken through the catalogue for 10 people simultaneously.