Working area Campus Mercator


Campus Mercator

Henleykaai 84, 1st floor, room G1.114

9000 Ghent

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Digital Collection

In the working area you can access the digital collection of the university library and the databases Jura, Stradalex and Bel-First.

Access to the UGent Network

  1. Login: ugent/UGentlogin
  2. Password: your UGent password

Access to the electronic books and journals

  1. Use the same login as above
  2. Go to (login with your UGent account)
  3. Open 'Internet Explorer 11' (it has to be this browser) and go to

Access Jura and Stradalex

These databases are only available on the provided computers in the working area.

Keep in mind that the collection of the faculty of law and criminology is more extensive than the one of the faculty of economics and business administration

  • Login to the UGent network the same way as above
  • Open any internet browser (not Athena)
  • Go to
  • Search for "Jura" or "Stradalex"
  • At the left you can refine your search by selecting 'database'.

Access Bel-First

This database is only available on the computers in the working area (not on your own devices).

  • Go to
  • To get access you need to make an extra account using the following login:

Username: UGENT belfirst

Password: UGENT belfirst