Public Management

Professors and research topics

Bram Verschuere has been focusing on

  1. Management of public and non-profit organizations,
  2. Government-civil society relations,
  3. Coproduction,
  4. Welfare policy (organisation of the welfare policy sector) and
  5. Local social policy.

Joris Voets is doing research on

  1. Strategic management and government capacity of local governments and
  2. The governance, management, and performance of collaborative arrangements and networks, applied in different sectors like welfare and spatial planning.

Filip De Rynck has developed a track record in the reviewed period on several topics:

  1. Local government, especially focusing on Urban Policy, organization and functioning of the city administration;
  2. Local and regional networks, mainly working together with J. Voets;
  3. Citizen participation;
  4. Intergovernmental relations and the internal organization of the Flemish region (decentralization, intergovernmental management);
  5. Local egovernment and ICT - policies.

Ellen Wayenberg specializes in public policy and public administration with a specific interest for

  1. Multilevel governance (MLG),
  2. Intergovernmental relations (IGR) and
  3. Local government.

Marleen Easton has built her own research team ‘Governing & Policing Security’ (GaPS, which generated research on public management and governance in the policy field of safety and security. Research topics are

  1. The changing nature of security challenges and the changing nature of the actors providing security and control (eg public / private, administrative / judicial),
  2. The blurring boundaries between these actors and their power on a policy and operational level,
  3. The implementation of security policies and its implications for the security actors, their partners and citizens.