Macroeconomics, Policy and Econometrics


Research topics

  • Macroeconomics
    • Fiscal policy
    • Monetary policy
    • Pension policy
    • Consumption dynamics
    • Inflation dynamics
    • Labour market performance
    • Long term economic growth
    • Oil and food market dynamics
    • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
    • Overlapping Generations Models
  • Macroeconometrics
    • Time series analysis
    • State space unobserved component models
    • Dynamic panel data estimation
    • Factor-augmented panel data models
    • Bayesian econometrics
    • Time-varying parameter models


  • Tim Buyse
    • Labour market policy, Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, Human Capital, Pensions
    • Flemish socio-economic policy: industrial, innovation and entrepreneurship policy
  • Gerdie Everaert
    • Econometrics: dynamic panel data, factor-augmented panel data, time-varying parameter models, Bayesian econometrics, ...
    • Macroeconometrics: fiscal policy, government debt sustainability, consumption dynamics, technological change and economic growth, ...
  • Freddy Heylen
    • Fiscal policy
    • Long-run labour market performance and economic growth
    • Macroeconomics of population ageing
  • Gert Peersman
    • Monetary economics and monetary policy
    • Oil market dynamics
    • Macroeconometrics
  • David Veredas
    • Financial risk: volatility, tail and systemic risks
    • Vast dimensional and complex financial systems