Offer Master's Dissertation Subjects

Write out a master's dissertation subject tailored to your company or make your company data available for a master's dissertation subject of the faculty.

Difference between a master's dissertation and an internship

Internship Master's dissertation
The student works in the company and functions as an employee within the organization. The student works on a scientific subject and with company data.
The student's professional competencies are evaluated. The student's academic competencies are evaluated.
The student carries out professional work within the graduation domain. The student carries out scientific research.
The end result is an internship report. The end result is a master's dissertation, an academic report reflecting on the relevance of the research for the company. Additional reports/materials for the company can be delivered if requested.

Examples of master's dissertation subjects

  • Carrying out decision calculations in order to decide whether a task / product will be made within the company or be outsourced.
  • Developing a tool for the accurate distribution of indirect costs in order to periodically calculate the profitability of certain product / service groups.
  • Making a detailed calculation of the cost price for making a customized product / service based on the time spent.
  • Using project data from a nuclear site to develop a project management methodology.


Master's dissertation subjects are chosen by students in the spring and start in the autumn. The deadline for offering master thesis collaborations is 1 May.


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