Goals and assignments

At Faculty level, the Faculty Council (FC) is the highest administrative body. The FC decides on matters in the fields of study under its authority or advises the Executive Committee or the Board of Governors of Ghent University. The academic, administrative and technical staff and students are all represented on the FC. The chairman of the FC is the Dean.

The input for the discussions in the FC comes from the departments on the one hand and from the faculty committees on the other hand. The dataflow between various boards and committees passes through the dean’s office and the Education Quality Assurance Unit (EQA).

The Faculty Council established one education quality assurance unit. The assurance unit is led by the programme director. A policy advisor supports these programme director in specific education quality files/cases. The policy advisor leads the bureau of the education quality assurance unit, consisting of administrative and pedagogical staff.

The programme director is chairman of the education quality assurance unit committee, which is composed of the dean, several professors, students, and AAP (assistants) members. This committee has an advising role towards the Faculty Council.

In general, the education quality assurance unit is responsible for supervision and supporting:

  • the quality of study programmes,
  • the implementation of teaching methods and education innovation projects,
  • tutoring,
  • the course catalogue,
  • the quality of the education infrastructure,
  • course assessment: aim and intention, drawing general conclusions, …
  • education inspection,
  • study estimate measurements,
  • the internal BaMa structure.