Chemical Engineering / Sustainable Materials Engineering / Textile Engineering

Master degree programmes

  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Engineering
  • Master of Science in Textile Engineering

Departments and research groups involved

Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering [EA11]

    Human resources (status January 1st, 2021)

    (numbers are in full time equivalent)

    Professorial Staff = 22.90
    Assisting Academic Staff = 23.50
    Other Academic Staff = 148.83
    Administrative and Technical Staff = 20.90
    Other Administrative and Technical Staff = 16.30

    Curricula and publications of the professorial staff members (see Plato - cluster IV)

    Research output

    Equivalent number of publications (aggregated over period 2012-2014): 576
    Number of SCI-journals (aggregated over period 2012-2014): 345
    Number of completed PhD’s (aggregated over period 2012-2014): 41
    Number of master dissertations (aggregated over period 2010-2014): 244

      Infrastructure highlights

      Department of Materials Science and Engineering (EA10):

      Department of Textiles (EA11):

      Department of Chemical Engineering and Technical Chemistry (EA12):