Technology Transfer


The Centre for Textile Science and Engineering is committed to valorisation. This is the flow of new knowledge and technologies towards industrial applications.

There are several patents published and we work closely with research institutions and industry to introduce new technologies as widely as possible and to find new applications.

This is usually done in close cooperation with the department of technology transfer of Ghent University.

Flemish SMEs can turn to us for advice on technological innovation

We are approved by the Flemish government to provide services for SME's (KMO's). More info: KMO

Our advice should enable SMEs to take better business decisions as to whether or not to start the next steps to innovation and on how this could happen.

Technology Exploration is an initial impulse to a more detailed feasibility study or an innovative project later on. 

Examples of technology exploration:

  • Identify, analyze, examine the possible technical difficulties, or barriers influencing parameters that arise around the proposed innovation;
  • Perform calculations, first exploratory (laboratory) tests and / or simulations;
  • Search for appropriate technologies.

Exploration technology can also be used to prepare a larger international project (European Framework Programme, Eureka, European Research Area (ERA) ...).

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ir. Lieva Van Langenhove



The aim of the PROCOTEX project was building up and strengthening an international research network on surface treatment and electrospinning for applications in smart textiles. For that, a network is build up between Greece, South-Africa and Belgium.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ir. Lieva Van Langenhove


The Department of Textiles organized  a cross-border project  with ENSAIT in the North of France for the valorisation of research and innovation in textiles (Transfer of Research and Innovations in Textiles) TRITex

Contact: Ing. Johanna Louwagie


In MUDRA project transnational networks were built between industry and universities in Slovenia and Croatia.

Contact: Ing. Johanna Louwagie


Smart School was a project for secondary schools to spread knowledge about new technologies in textile.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ir. Lieva Van Langenhove