Advanced Water Filtration Using Nanofibres (2008 - 2010)

The aim of the project is to evaluate nanofibre cloths produced by means of electrospinning for their use in advanced filter applications. The structures are evaluated based on their ability to remove pathogens in water and their flux.
In this project, the department is also doing research into the functionalisation of nanofibre membranes and the solidity of the membranes being used. The objective is to make uniform, reproducible membranes.
The project is a continuation of the project ‘Nanofibres for filter applications’ having as central theme the development of filter systems based on nanofibre structures. Such structures have unique properties like a high specific surface and an open structure. The project found a solution for the water treatment on the music festival Dranouter.


Nano Filter



Nano Filter blocking a bacterium


Support by: IWT TETRA

Duration: 10/2008 - 09/2010

Contact: Prof. dr. ir. Karen De Clerck