15-12-2021 New paper published: Investigation of the effect of carbon on the reversible hydrogen trapping behavior in lab-cast martensitic Fe-C steels
05-11-2021 Lotte obtained her PhD on November 5th
04-11-2021 Contribution from prof. Depover and prof. Verbeken in book series on Hydrogen Production - Storage and Applications
29-10-2021 Lisa obtained her PhD on October 29th
18-10-2021 New paper published: Critical verification of the Kissinger theory to evaluate thermal desorption spectra
01-10-2021 SMS group presentations at Eurocorr conference
30-06-2021 Margot Pinson wins poster contest on 2nd Benelux Network Meeting and Workshop on Damage and Fracture Mechanics
19-05-2021 New paper published: Evaluating the Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Aged 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Containing Brittle Sigma Phase
16-04-2021 New paper published: Determination of the Fe3+/ΣFe Ratio in Synthetic Lead Silicate Slags Using X-Band CW-EPR
29-03-2021 New paper published: The Potential of the Internal Friction Technique to Evaluate the Role of Vacancies and Dislocations in the Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steels
16-03-2021 New paper published: Impact of hydrogen and crosshead displacement rate on the martensitic transformations and mechanical properties of 304L stainless steel
16-03-2021 New paper published: The effect of quench cracks and retained austenite on the hydrogen trapping capacity of high carbon martensitic steels
02-03-2021 New paper published: Critical Assessment of the Applicability of the Foaming Index to the Industrial Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Process
02-03-2021 New paper published: Assessment of the hydrogen interaction on the mechanical integrity of a welded martensitic steel
04-01-2021 Online New Year's reception
04-01-2021 New paper published: Heat Transfer Considerations on the Spontaneous Triggering of Vapor Explosions—A Review
07-12-2020 New paper published: Effect of Film-Forming Amines on the Acidic Stress-Corrosion Cracking Resistance of Steam Turbine Steel
27-11-2020 Tim obtained his PhD on November 18th 2020
12-11-2020 New paper published: Mechanistic interpretation on acidic stress-corrosion cracking of NiCrMoV steam turbine steel
03-11-2020 Leandro obtained his PhD on October 29th 2020
28-09-2020 New paper published: Influence of displacement rate and temperature on the severity of liquid metal embrittlement of T91 steel in LBE
07-09-2020 New paper published: The influence of concretion on the long-term corrosion rate of steel shipwrecks in the Belgian North Sea
03-09-2020 New paper published: Hydrogen-assisted cracking in 2205 duplex stainless steel: Initiation, propagation and interaction with deformation-induced martensite