Special Issue "Smart Textiles Sensors"

(26-06-2020) Prof. Dr. Lieva Van Langenhove and Dr. Benny Malengier are guest editors for the special issue "Smart Textiles Sensors". Impact Factor 3.031

The use of sensors based on textile materials allows the integration of these sensors in clothes in a truly invisible and non-invasive way. Many issues remain, however, not least because these sensors must be able to withstand the same environment as typical garments, including flexing, compression, washing, drying, and abrasion. Novel coating, printing, and lamination methods show great promise in broadening the application area of smart textile sensors.

This Special Issue aims to gather novel developments in the creation and use of smart textile sensors, that is, sensors based on textile materials or which are seamlessly integrated with textile materials. We would like to give special attention to printing, screen printing, coating, and laminating techniques on fiber-based materials, as well innovative garment–fabric–yarn construction methods to achieve a sensing functionality.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 September 2020.

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Special Issue Smart Textiles Sensors