Exoligamentz vs. sports tape: the results are in!

(26-02-2021) Ashkan Joshghani is working on an innovative sports glove prototype to prevent finger injuries. With the help of Dr. Benny Malengier, he tested the Exoligamentz prototypes in our lab.

About the project

Exoligamentz is developing a new, finger-protective sports glove that will have a superior functionality compared to sports tape (i.e. time-consuming, repetitive cost, functional discomforts) to minimise repetitive trauma and provide support during injury recovery in sports.

The project’s objective is to have a societal impact, in particular by improving the protection of (young) athletes against repetitive finger injuries that may lead to irreversible damage and dysfunction of the hand over time.

This new type of glove can impact various end-users in both sports and orthopaedic market. However, the focus is on injury prevention in those sports where gripping is often causing finger and hand injuries (i.e. combat and ball sports).

Testing at CTSE

With the help of Dr. Benny Malengier, Ashkan tested the Exoligamentz prototypes in the CTSE lab. The test results are looking promising. The Exoligamentz prototypes are outperforming sports tape on the tensile test with a surrogate finger.

Watch the video to learn more:

Visit the Exoligamentz website