For Industry

At CPMT, we have a strong history of collaborating with the polymer processing industry in its broadest sense. 

This ranges from one-off characterizations tests or processing trials, over per diem consulting and long-term bilateral cooperation to larger-scale collaborative research projects. Specific PhD projects with an individual companies are also possible via the Baekelandt format. 


At any given time, we have a variety of projects running under the Catalisti-ICON, SBO, TETRA, Interreg or H2020 format. 

For more information on polymer processing trials, please contact the Processing lab manager, mr Mustafa Erkoc.

For more information on characterization tests, please contact the Characterization lab manager, dr. Willem Van De Steene .

For detailed information on a more extensive research collaboration,
it is advised to contact either prof. Cardon (additive manufacturing, advanced polymer processing)
or prof. Ragaert (Circular Plastics) directly.