Funding granted for three interdisciplinary research projects


In its bi-annual call for interdisciplinary research projects, the Special Research Fund of Ghent University (UGent BOF) has granted funding for eleven projects, three in which researchers from IDLab are involved. These are:

  • The development and validation of a Context Aware Personalisation System (CAPS) for promoting physical activity in adults (promotors: Prof. Geert Crombez and Prof. Filip De Turck);
  • Computer vision and intelligent mowing patterns to automate biodiversity management in grasslands (promotors: Prof. Guy Smagghe and Prof. Peter Lambert);
  • Improving group musical experiences in Virtual Reality, using a biofeedback control system (promotors: Prof. Pieter-Jan Maes and Prof. Nilesh Madhu).

The full list of selected projects can be found in the website of the Special Research Fund.