Young ICT Lady of the Year 2021: Alumnus of our faculty Ayla Cremmery

(15-02-2021) Ayla Cremmery may call herself the tenth Young ICT Lady of the Year. She mainly wants to get rid of the idea that you have to fit a certain stereotype to get started in ICT.

"I'm not a gamer or someone who has naturally been involved in IT and all kinds of technical side projects”.

She studied Civil Engineering Computer Science at our faculty and now works as a consultant for AE.

"I prefer to build a new product or application together with a team -web or mobile doesn't matter- and take part in it as a full stack developer. The front end also appeals to me more: the different screens you see as a user. That is what I want to focus on. And if possible in a socially relevant context.

With the award for a Young ICT Lady of the Year, Data News wants to attract the interest of (young) ladies for a career in the ICT sector. Any woman under the age of 35 working in an ICT company or in an ICT position could apply or be proposed by a colleague.

Read the full interview with Ayla in Datanews (Dutch)