Improving surface properties of polymers for better bone implants

(20-10-2021) In her doctoral research, Parinaz Saadat Esbah Tabaei gives possible solutions for surface treatment of polymers. These are crucial, for example, for the proper integration of bone implants into the body.

Plasma activation of polymers has taken a prominent place in the widespread field of surface treatments. The technique involves using plasma (an ionized gas) above a polymeric substrate to improve its surface properties.

Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter, in addition to solid, liquid and gas.

Despite all the advanced fundamental studies aimed at a deep understanding of the reactions that take place on surfaces of polymers during and after plasma modification, there are still some uncertainties about the exact mechanisms.

"In my dissertation, I focused on gaining new fundamental insights and filling some fundamental gaps in the field of non-thermal plasma activation of polymers. I then applied this acquired knowledge to bone tissue engineering so that bone implants can be even better integrated into our bodies in the future" says Parinaz.

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PhD Title: Unravelling Fundamental and Application-Oriented Aspects of Plasma-Assisted Surface Activation of Polymeric Films and Nanofibers


Contact: Parinaz Saadat Esbah Tabaei, Nathalie De Geyter (supervisor), Anton Nikiforov (supervisor)


Editor: Jeroen Ongenae - Illustrator: Roger Van Hecke