9th green deal on climate-friendly cooling signed

(23-03-2021) In the presence of our colleague Steven Lecompte (Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering), the 9th green deal on climate-friendly refrigeration was signed.

With this deal, Flanders wants to significantly reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases - the so-called F-gases - in the coming years. F-gases are used as refrigerants in air conditioning systems, heat pumps and cooling equipment.

However, these gases have a strong global warming potential and their use and emission must therefore be reduced. The causes of these emissions are the leakage of these gases when they are used in cooling systems, and the careless recovery and collection of remaining quantities of these gases when these systems are decommissioned, dismantled or collected.

Professor Steven Lecompte (UGent) in Het Nieuwsblad: "In our society, cooling and heating are responsible for a significant part of our electricity consumption. For example, 17 percent of electricity is used for cooling in general. By way of comparison: the electricity consumption of households is about 20 percent.

With this Green Deal, the retail sector, refrigeration installation and maintenance companies, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, the sector federations and the Flemish government commit themselves to phasing out the use of F-gases as refrigerants in supermarkets and food shops by focusing on more sustainable refrigeration. This commitment plays an important role in the realisation of the Flemish climate objectives.

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