The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture encourages its students to carry out a practical internship during their studies. This internship can also count for credits in your curriculum (3 or 6 credits), depending on the content and the length of the internship and the offer in the study programme.

Starting from academic year 2022 -2023 the modalities of the internship will change.
Online information session (in English) on Thursday December 16th 2021, 6 pm (more information will follow soon on Ufora).

In 2022-2023 the faculty will modify its offer on internships - the flyers below offer a sneak preview:

Internship rules

Internships can count as course units that merit 3 or 6 credits, provided they comply with the internship rules (Dutch version for AY 2021-2022).

How do I find an internship?

There is no strict procedure to find a internship, nor is there a single list with internship positions to choose from. Some options to find an internship:

  • VTK publishes internship positions at its website, and internships may also be found at the yearly jobfair.
  • Check also our other student organizations, as they might do the same !
  • IAESTE coordinates internships abroad.
  • Some masters organize dedicated industry-related events where opportunities for internships are announced.
  • You can contact companies yourself, or activate your network !
  • Most of your professors have excellent relations with industry and are, for sure, prepared to help you in finding an exciting internship.


The procedure which you must follow to register your internship depends on the type of internship:

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