Exemptions (previously acquired qualifications)

Requesting exemptions

Having already obtained some credit certificates in another study programme gives students the possibility to request exemptions in their current study programme. We call this ‘previously acquired qualifications’.

To prepare your request for exemptions, carefully look at the study programme in our study guide. If you see a resemblance between the courses you passed in another programme and one or more courses in your current programme (regarding content, course size, programme level and final competences), you can request exemptions.


You must submit your request as soon as possible, but certainly

- at the latest on 14th November for first semester courses

- at the latest on 28th February for second semester courses and year courses


You can submit your request using the online application as described below. Your request will be checked by the learning path counsellor and the Study Programme Committee will be asked to advise. The Curriculum Committee then takes the final decision regarding your request. Thereafter you receive the decision of the committee by e-mail. Approved exemptions will be processed into your curriculum in OASIS.

Please be aware that the full process will take a certain amount of time.

Submitting your request

  1. If you already have a UGent account: log in to Plato and click ‘EVK’.
    If you don’t have a UGent account, you should register on https://plato.fea.ugent.be/e/. After registering and confirming your personal e-mail address you can log in to Plato en click ‘EVK’.
  2. Fill in the institution and the study programme where you obtained your credit certificates. Please use the official terms as mentioned in your transcript of records.
    If you submit a request based on ECTC certificates from different programmes and/or institutions, you should fill in this part separately for each one.
  3. Upload your transcript of records and, if applicable, your diploma.
  4. Select the programme(s) of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in which you wish to request exemptions.
  5. Click ‘add exemption request’ and choose the course you wish to request an exemption for. It is possible to request an exemption based on one or more courses. Fill in each course, add a link to the description of the course and choose the institution/programme in which you passed this course. When your request for this course is complete, click ‘save’. You can now fill in your request for another course.
  6. When you click ‘submit request’, your request will be sent to the learning path counselor. If your request is not complete, you will receive an e-mail to adapt it.