High capacity multipurpose test rig up to 8000kN


Our high capacity test rigs allow testing on a variety of test pieces in static and dynamic (fatigue) loading. The tensile force is obtained through displacement-controlled hydraulic pistons. Specimens can be cooled and are extensively instrumented. Measured quantities include:


  • Tensile force (load cells)
  • Strains in separate sections of the specimen and global strain (LVDT’s)
  • Crack Mouth Opening Displacement CMOD (clip gauge)


If desired, the 2500 kN load frame can be used as a tribotester by placing a horizontal clamp consisting of 2 end plates, four load
bars and 6 pistons inside the load frame.


MTS 2500kN
MTS 2500kN
MTS 2500 tribology setup
MTS 2500 tribology setup
Property MTS 2500 8000 kN tensile test rig
Force Max. 2500 kN Max. 8000 kN
Normal force (tribotest setup) Max. 6000 kN -
Width 760 mm 300 mm
Length 2150 mm (without grips) 1200 mm
Temperature range -60 °C up to 200 °C -60 °C up to 200 °C