Current projects

    • CHESTER, H2020-LCE-07, 01/2018-06/2022. 
    • HeatNet NWE, Interreg NWE, 01/2017-12/2020. Project website
    • Shortstore, CORNET, 01/2017-12/2018.
    • CrossPlanIT, VLAIO O&O, 05/2017-07/2018.
    • Variable Volume Ratio Expander (VaVoREx), IOF STarTT, 09/2015-2/2018.
    • Modeling of Single Screw Expanders, BOF-STA, 01/2015-12/2019.

    Completed projects

      • Design Theory and Application of Compound Profiles for Meshing Pairs in Single Screw Compressors, CSC, 11/2014-10/2016.
      • Energetic and environmental optimisation of drying processes by integration of heat pumps (HP4Drying), CORNET, 03/2014-06/2016.
      • The next generation Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCNext), IWT SBO, 02/2012-02/2016. Project website
      • Stand-alone unit for drinking water production using solar energy, IOF STartTT, 01/2015-12/2015.
      • Development of a water based heat pump for recovery and upgrading industrial waste heat, IWT SME Innovation, 08/2012-12/2015.
      • Research on an ORC module with single screw expander and direct heat exchangers for waste heat recovery with the possibility of direct mechanical drive, IWT O&O, 05/2013-10/2015.
      • From waste heat to process heat (W2PHeat), CORNET, 01/2012-04/2014.
      • The value of waste heat, Electrabel-UGent framework agreement research, 01/2014-12/2014.
      • Waste heat recovery via Organic Rankine Cycle (ORCycle), Era-SME, 01/2010-12/2012.
      • Development of an ORC for waste heat recovery on internal combustion engines and industrial processes, IWT SME Innovation, 09/2009-08/2010.
      • Waste heat recovery via Organic Rankine Cycle on renewable energy applications, IWT TETRA, 09/2007-12/2009.

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