Prof. dr. ir. A. Bezuijen

Research interests:

  • ground improvement
  • foundation engineering
  • in-situ and laboratory soil characterization

Academic staff

Em. prof. dr. ir. W. Van Impe

Research interests:

  • foundation engineering
  • in-situ and laboratory soil characterization
  • ground improvement


Prof. dr. ir. W. Haegeman

Research interests:

  • behaviour of soils at small-strain levels
  • geophysical methods
  • static and dynamic properties of geomaterials


Prof. dr. ir. H. Peiffer

Research interests:

  • flow through (un)saturated porous media and grondwater flow
  • centrifuge modelling for (un)saturated soils (patent owner)
  • in situ soil testing
  • foundation engineering


Prof. dr. ir. G. Di Emidio

Research interests:

  • environmental geotechnics
  • reuse of industrial by-products
  • barrier systems
  • development of new materials (HYPER clay inventor)


Prof. ir. B. Stuyts

Research interests:

  • offshore foundations and geotechnics
  • cables and pipelines
  • data-driven design methods


Administrative and technical staff

H. De Cooman


J. Van der Perre 


F. Van Boxstael


PHD Students

Muhammad Khizar Khan

Research topic: Soil improvement with recycled materials.

Chenhui Liu

Research topic: Tunnel-pile interaction

Chenghao Zhang

Research topic: Slurry infiltration characteristics under various conditions.

Zhongtian Chen

Research topic: Soil conditioning in TBM excavation

Diego Gomez-Bautista

Experimental investigation into the cyclic behavior of soils for the optimization of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines

Wenjing Tian 

Study of the influence of groundwater in the unsaturated zone on the stability of embankments, by developing a model for two-phase flow (air/water)

Post-Doc researcher

Carlos Sastre Jurado

Research topic: Integrated "digital twin" model of the offshore wind turbine