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  • Adam Bezuijen (2010): Compensation grouting : experiments, field experiences and mechanics. Summery (PDF, 55KB, 3p)
  • Gemmina Di Emidio (2010): Hydraulic and chemico-osmotic performance of polymer treated clays. Abstract (PDF, 21KB, 3p)
  • Herman Peiffer (1997): Interpretation and adaption of the DMT-test, extended towards the evaluation of the stress state in the soil close to screw piles
  • Wim Haegeman (1996): Spectral analysis of surface waves for the characterization of dynamic stiffness of layered media. Abstract (PDF, 201KB, 1p)
  • William Van Impe (1981): Stress – strain considerations of silica-Molsand in cyclic loading conditions