Video: EXCURSIONS@HOME - Paul Robbrecht


Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban - 23° 45' N 90° 22' E

Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban is the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, designed by Louis Kahn. Like most of Kahn's oeuvre, this building contains the 'memory of architecture', referring here in particular to Bengali heritage and culture. Approaching this building in time and space, we find ourselves at a historical crossroads of impressions. In 1974 Paul Robbrecht's embarked on his own architecture quest that has always been strongly inspired by Kahn's design, while in the background the legendary concert for Bangladesh played and the country was in a critical political condition.

Paul Robbrecht is an architect, urban designer and co-founder of Robbrecht en Dam architecten. Founded in 1975, the architectural practice has built up a unique body of work that is characterised by a remarkable generosity. Their design approach aims to establish a contemporary and humane position, with their constructions making statements within a broad cultural context of science and art.