Research Projects Building Physics

Research on impact climate change on built heritage (BELSPO)
The impact of climate change on building envelopes
Thermal retrofits of Heritage buildings
Stochastic hygrothermal performance assessment of heritage constructions in the middle east subjected to climate change effects
Coupled Thermohydraulic and Biologic Modelling of Legionella Pneumophila Proliferation in Domestic Hot Water Systems
Transition to Sustainable Building Stock & Transport System for Achieving Energy Efficiency in Growing Cities: A Case Study of Lahore Pakistan
4th Generation Watertightness
Holistic performance assessment of demand controlled ventilation concerning VOCs in the indoor environment
Circular building solutions: a quantification of their environmental and financial impact
Three pathways towards carbon neutrality of existing single-family dwellings: what are the tipping points?
Mobble On The Move
To bio or not to bio – Research into the characteristics and applications of insulation materials with a low environmental impact
Circular construction: the Mobile unit
EURECA: Effectively Upscaling the Renovation of Envelopes with a Circular Approach
Beyond the 2050 building stock utopia
Triple-A. Tailored energy renovation advice
Improving the predictive power of simplified residential space heating demand models : a field data and model driven study
Parametric atlas of construction nodes / thermal bridges
Construction nodes in the EPB-regulation - EP-bridge & PAThB2010
TETRA-project Renovatie van KMO-gebouwen
IR Thermography: to a reliable evaluation for the building envelope
Renovation of Historical Facades: The Rescue or the Kiss of Death?
Development of a simulation tool for Duco Ventilation & Sun Control
Development of a framework for automatic dynamic building energy simulations
Imperfections in the building skin: detrimental for the hygrothermal performance?
EPICOOL: revision EPB calculation method cooling and overheating
Retrofit cavity wall insulation (IWT TETRA-project)
IWT Living Lab Renovation
Convective heat transfer modelling in offices with night cooling
PRO³ Prefab-Renovation Solutions for the tertiary sector
Design Strategies for Residential Ventilation Systems
EPB versus real energy use in high-performance houses