Labo S Works 2004-2014. A landscape perspective on urbanism

Bosma (Koos) Boekbespreking van Labo S Work 2004-2014Over the past decade Labo S has been operating in the margins of the (urban) landscape by studying real places which go largely unnoticed and examining concrete problems that are rarely debated in the spotlight of the media or academia. By starting from a certain empathy for the landscape, by immersing itself in it and getting to know it, Labo S has been able to feel the fragility and impotence of the landscape with respect to oversimplified spatial dynamics and processes. Taking the landscape viewpoint as a framework for urbanism, Labo S has formulated an answer to the almost impossible task of grasping, mastering and changing this reality.

Apart from a post-rationalisation of this extensive process of research, this book also aims to transcend the boundaries of its own work, to offer a reflection on the role that landscape as image and as design instrument can play when exploring and understanding the contemporary urban condition.

Pieter Uyttenhove, Michiel Dehaene, Luce Beeckmans, Ana Michelena, Bruno Notteboom, David Peleman, Dagmar Pelger
Labo S Works 2004-2014. A landscape perspective on urbanism
Academia Press
ISBN 9789038224220