EXCURSIONS@HOME - Lecture series 2020-21



Daignez m'accompagner dans mon voyage; nous marcherons à petites journées, en riant, le long du chemin, des voyageurs qui ont vu Rome et Paris; - aucun obstacle ne pourra nous arrêter ; et, nous livrant gaiement à notre imagination, nous la suivrons partout où il lui plaira de nous conduire.

Xavier De Maistre, Voyage autour de ma chambre, 1794

Excursions are a vital part of architecture training. On a yearly basis students and staff of the BA studios travel to cities and sites in Belgium and abroad to discover, visit and discuss unexpected, inspiring and sometimes even disturbing examples of contemporary and historical architecture, city development and urban planning. The yearly MA trip brings students and staff to more distant locations to experience distinct encounters and confrontations with other architectures and cultures.

The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to stay home. As the prospect of future travels is too uncertain, all excursions have been cancelled this year.

We may remain under house arrest, but we won't let it curb our perspective on the world at large.

With the lecture series EXCURSIONS@HOME architects, we invite scholars, architects and artists to take us on a journey abroad. Not unlike the 18th century writer Xavier De Maistre, but supported by the newest technologies of global communication, we will travel together, yet each from our own room, to buildings, squares and sites that they cherish and wish to share with us.