Book: "La puissance projective" by P. Uyttenhove, B. Keunen en L. Ameel


La puissance projective

The narrative imagination, as envisaged in literature, plays an equally important role in urban and landscape design. Designing the urban environment is also about telling a story and imagining a network that will bring together people, spaces, objects, activities and scattered images into a coherent framework.

Since the 1990s, the 'narrative turn' has helped us to better understand the creative processes that accompany the design of urban and landscape projects. Through narratives, urban and landscape planners anticipate future situations and organize them into coherent wholes composed of a multiplicity of images and their interactions - just as a writer would.

The present book, referring to mythological figures as well as modern thinkers, juggles texts, projects and images, analyses, and analogies and thus deepens this literary parallel. Various disciplines are involved: anthropology, chronophotography, the art of walking, philosophy, semiology, mythology, and art history. From the ruins of the Ypres Salient to Disneyland Paris, from the Roman periphery to La Défense, this book develops various case studies and thus creates a fertile ground for rethinking urbanism and its challenges.