Architecture students win first prize in the Legendary Bird Home competition

(27-08-2020) Three master degree students won the first prize in the international architecture competition 'Legendary Bird Home 2020'.

The jury selected "Knoest", the birdhouse project of Fabian De Vriendt, Arnout Stevens and Mathias Spiessens, as the winner because of the versatility of its design. This project included the option to be scaled and adapted for different species of bird without sacrificing design elements.

The jury felt that this was an interesting project and could be further adapted to better suit home construction; currently the variety of fine materials make it more suited to factory production as some uniformity would be lost when being built at home.


Inspired by the forest and sawed off boughs from trees, Fabian, Arnout and Mathias designed a 100% recyclable birdhouse. In the current perspective of deforestation, climate change and the extermination of delicate ecosystems, it was important to them that the design itself must not only take part in sustainable practices but also needs to try encourage active change by effective information transfer to new audiences. By fabricating their own 'Knoest' (=tree knot) children, adults and hobbyists can learn about recyclable organic materials, the growing process of a tree and different species of birds.

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A full interview with the 1st prize winners.

Legendary Bird Home competition

BEE BREEDERS is the leading architecture competition organiser who carries out fully inclusive organisation work for architecture project and architecture ideas competitions.

The LEGENDARY BIRD HOME 2020 competition is the first in a planned series of competitions looking to raise awareness for the global environmental crisis. This competition will be a collaboration with Birdly - a socially-responsible startup that aims to support environmental activism worldwide through funds raised by selling bird homes.

Participants are tasked with presenting innovative and attention-grabbing designs for a legendary bird house that can be built at home, using materials and building methods that are both environmentally sustainable and easily available.

Each project will need to include details of the building method and the materials to be used, ensuring that the structure could be built by a single person with tools that are widely available. In order to make the project more accessible, simple tools that are available at home are recommended, however more sophisticated techniques - like the use of a laser cutter - can be proposed.