15 Mobble Houses in 2020!


Last summer a dedicated student team from the faculty of engineering and architecture left for Sentendre, Hungary to participate in the prestigious Solar Decathlon Europe competition. We worked hard on the Mobble – despite the persistent heat – determined to keep Ghent University end up. This hard work paid off: the Mobble pavilion was the first CO2 neutral pavilion ever in the history of Solar Decathlon, and was rewarded with no less than 5 prizes, including the first prize for Engineering & Construction!

This memorable experience has already been a year ago. The work hasn't stopped then though… We are very proud to inform you that soon Mobbles will pop up everywhere. Interest from companies in the Mobble concept led to a consortium consisting of Inhout, BAST architects & engineers, Strategies & Leaders, Ecopuur, Wooncoop and Ghent University. With funding from Flanders Circular, an industrial upscaling of the Mobble concept is now in the pipeline. And this is going fast. The flexibility, modularity and circularity of 'The Mobble' will already be applied in 4 different projects, no less than 15 houses. From detached to semi-detached houses, both private and social housing.

As Ghent University we are extremely proud that a student concept can grow into a commercially feasible concept. This project connects education, research, services, and the sustainability ambitions within Ghent University. Stay tuned and discover where the Mobbles will pop up!