EXCURSIONS@HOME - Maude Bass-Krueger

29-04-2021 from 20:00 to 22:00
Zoom Meeting
Wouter Davidts

EXCURSIONS @ HOME - Maude Bass-KruegerYou are kindly invited to attend the online lecture by Maude Bass-Krueger on Thursday 29 April 8PM.

The lecture is the sixth in the series EXCURSIONS@HOME, in which scholars, architects and artists take us on a journey abroad. Not unlike the 18th century writer Xavier De Maistre, but supported by the newest technologies of global communication, we will travel together, yet each from our own room, to buildings, squares and sites that they cherish and wish to share with us.

You can follow this lecture via "Zoom" with the link below:

7 rue de la Paix, Paris - 48° 87' N 2°33' E

7 rue de la Paix became famous as the location of the "first" couture house in history-the Maison Worth. The building's architectural features, interior design, and rigid demarcations between the public "front" and private ateliers pioneered the
model for luxury goods stores for over a century and helped align fashion with art, not commerce.

Maude Bass-Krueger is a professor in the Art History, Music, and Theatre Studies department at the University of Ghent. She works on fashion, architecture, and heritage and on the interstices between the disciplines. She also curates exhibitions, most recently "French Fashion, Women, and the First World War" at the Bard Graduate Center last year.