No show policy – Doctoral Schools


Transferable skills courses being high in demand and expensive, it is of the utmost importance to register only if one is sure to be able to attend the workshop from beginning to end. Please take into account that it is not possible to change groups for one or more sessions.

Registering for a transferable skills course or an event organised by the Doctoral Schools, you agree with the cancellation and no show policy as outlined below.


Should you wish to cancel your registration, the following rules apply:

  • It is possible to cancel free of charge up to 5 working days prior to the start of the course. All cancellations should be sent to .
  • Should you fail to cancel 5 working days prior to the start of the course, your supervisor or department will be charged a no show fee of 100 euros per course per day. In case of, for example, a 2-day course, the no show fee would amount to 200 euros, for a 3-day course you would be charged 300 euros, for a course consisting of three half-day sessions 150 euros etc. For the advanced academic English writing and conference skills courses 300 euros per course will be charged.
  • The no show fee will not be charged if you cancel or fail to attend (part of) a course due to illness (with doctor’s certificate) or any other valid reasons.
  • The no show fee will not be charged if you yourself find a fellow PhD researcher to replace you for the entire course. You need to inform the Doctoral Schools Office () about this replacement.
  • The no show fee will only be charged if you miss an entire course without a valid reason. The fee will not be charged if you miss part of a course without a valid reason. This might, however, result in a ‘fail’ mark for the course, in particular if full participation is required. You will not be allowed to change groups for one or more sessions.


Showing up does not necessarily mean that you pass the course. Most courses require full participation; exceptionally other evaluation criteria apply.

If you are required to attend all sessions of a workshop, you will not be able to include the course in the curriculum of the doctoral training programme if you miss one of more sessions without a valid reason. For some courses, e.g. academic English, specific evaluation criteria may apply.

You will find the evaluation criteria on the course webpage.

Valid reasons for late cancellation or for missing (a session of) a course

  • Illness, corroborated with a doctor’s certificate
  • Circumstantial leave (brief leave of absence) with a certificate

In order to avoid the no show fee, the relevant documents should reach the Doctoral Schools Office within 5 working days after the start of the course.

Send your documents to or to Doctoral Schools Office, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Gent.