Outdoor tent for receptions (Aula)

As of 9 June 2021, a number of events can once again be organised at Ghent University, on the condition that the safety regulations laid down in ‘Ministerieel Besluit voor eerste fase zomerplan’ (published on 4 June) are followed. 

The Peristilium (Campus Aula) cannot be booked for receptions, as there is no ventilation infrastructure in place. As an alternative, Ghent University is offering an outdoor tent which can be used as a venue for the reception following a public doctoral defence. You can book this tent by booking Peristilium in Centauro.

The following conditions apply:

  • Only seated receptions are allowed - waitstaff will serve at the tables.
  • The person who booked the tent is responsible for the catering
  • No warm and/or deep fried food may be served
  • There are no electricity outlets nor is there water supply/drainage on site
  • The tent is accessible via the passage in Korte Meer nr. 11.
  • The person who booked the tent is responsible for supplying the necessary disinfectant
  • Face masks are mandatory, and may only be taken off while seated at the tables
  • The person who booked the tent is responsible for placing the tables and chairs
  • Tables and chairs are available upon request via the person responsible for the Aula.
  • Tables and chairs are placed according to this plan. There must be at least 1,5m between tables. The central corridor must also be at least 1,5m wide.
  • Each table is limited to a maximum of 4 people. This results in a maximum of 12 tables/48 people.
  • Receptions must not cause undue noise. The reception may be shut down if this condition is not met.
  • The person who booked the tent is responsible for clearing away and disinfecting the tables and chairs. After the reception, they are to be returned to their original storage locations.


Once the reception is over, everything must be returned to its original state.

The morning after each reception there will be an inspection of the tent and the premises. If this inspect shows that not everything was properly cleared away, if interventions by UGent security or local police were necessary, or if the premises were damaged in any way, the resulting costs will be charged to the person who booked the tent.



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