Histology Laboratory

The histology laboratory is fully equiped to process, section and stain tissues for various microscopical applications: 

Paraffin embedding tissue processor Thermo STP120

Process biological specimens from chemical fixation to paraffin infiltration with the STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor.

The Thermo Scientific STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor is a compact, benchtop carousel tissue processor, its unique design uses programmable gentle centrifugal force to augment normal vertical agitation process associated with carousel processors.

Tissue Processor STP120

Paraffin embedding Microm EC350

The Thermo Scientific Microm EC 350 is a modular paraffin embedding center featuring innovative design as well as easy operation. Different possibilities of setting up this instrument offer a simple and flexible adaptation to the working methods in our lab.

Tissue Embedding Center EC350

Automatic staining station (Thermo Gemini AS)

The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabilities to the busy histology laboratory. With its new intuitive touch-screen interface, operation is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use.

The unique dual-level design, with integrated power supply and touch-screen, ensures maximum space savings. With its small footprint, the Gemini AS Stainer can be placed near the sectioning area for optimal workflow. The intelligent look-ahead control software provides the ability to run up to 12 slide racks simultaneously with minimal reduction in speed. The “urgent” feature enables a rack to be given priority. The five heated stations provide maximum throughput without the need for a separate drying oven.

Gemini AS automated slide stainer

Microtomes for paraffin sections (Microm HM360 & HM355)

The Microm HM 360 Microtome is a heavy-duty, automated instrument for paraffin-embedded tissues, hard specimens, plastic sectioning, etc. within biology, medicine, and industry applications. The HM 360 features specimen retraction, movable operating panel, and touch keypad control. Sectioning thickness can range from 0.25 to 60 um with vertical specimen stroke of 64 mm. Easily control thickness, mode, and speed, including four modes of operation: single, interval, multi, and continuous stroke.

The HM 360's trimming function allows for fine adjustments during the first cuts, from 5 um to 500 um. This microtome is ideal for maintaining reproducible precision during sectioning with superior section quality every time.

Microtome HM360

Cryotome (Microm HM505E)

The Microm HM 505 E Cryostat is a highly efficient, electronic microtome cryostat. This Microm cryostat is an upright standing unit with an open-top working area, providing ergonomics and convenience to the operator whether in standing or sitting position.

Designed with a cooling system, the Microm HM 505 E cryostat can cut the temperature range down to -35°C of the microtome and knife carrier work area. This also allows the instrument to cool the freezing stations for freezing-on specimens onto the specimen stages. The HM 505 E is equipped with an automatic 24-h-defroster with interrupt key as well as a handwheel brake.

Cryotome HM505E