Bladder and kidney diseases

Bladder and kidney diseases, such as a bladder or kidney stone, bacterial infections (cystitis), immune-mediated diseases, abscesses, tumour,... are occasionally found in horses.

Bladder stone in a horse (endoscopy) Bladder polyp in a horse (endoscopy) Kidney stone in a horse (ultrasonography)

Specialized exams (endoscopy of the bladder, abdominal or rectal ultrasonography of the kidneys,…) are necessary when kidney parameters in the blood are increased or when blood in the urine is observed.

With endoscopy it is possible to find different causes such as a urethra or bladder stone, a cystitis, a polyp, nephritis, ....

With rectal or abdominal ultrasonography it is possible to visualize kidney stones, abscesses, tumours,...

Once the cause is known an adequate therapy can be initiated.