CV Prof. dr. E. Meyer

Prof. dr. Evelyne Meyer leads the Laboratory of Biochemistry at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Ghent University). She graduated as pharmacist in 1989 at the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the same university with greatest distinction and obtained her PhD in Clinical Biochemistry as FWO aspirant in 1993, again with greatest distinction. She combined her FWO post-doc at the same faculty with a part-time 2-year IMBA programme at the Vlerick Business School in Gent. She published >120 papers and several book chapters, has a H-index of 28, is promotor of 13 defended and 5 ongoing PhD theses (typically in close collaboration with clinical experts). Furthermore, she is board member of the Belgian Society of Advances in Cytology (BSAC) based on her long expertise with flow cytometry. Last but not least, she holds 1 patent on renal damage biomarkers for sepsis-induced acute kidney injury. Her main research line focuses on infectious diseases relevant for both animal and man, including sepsis, for which preclinical models are used as elegant tools to discover novel biomarkers related to the host’s innate immune defense. After their translation to the clinics, these findings aid to establish innovative diagnostic and/or therapeutic strategies for human and veterinary patients.