Animal Genetics Lab


At the 'Animal Genetics Lab' (LDG), molecular techniques are used to perform genome analysis of pet animals, more specifically bovines, pigs, sheep, goat, horse, dog and cat. These techniques are used for fundamental research, as wel as diagnostical research of inheritable diseases.

The research can be divided in three main domains:

  • Tracing mutations, which cause genetic disorders in cats and dogs.
  • Unraveling genetic aspects of infectuous diseases, at this moment scrapie (sheep, goat), bluetongue (sheep) and E. coli ETEC infection (pig).
  • Influence of culture conditions on gene expression during early embryonal development (bovine, horse).


Recently published research


Furthermore, the LDG gives breeding advice regarding large and small pet animals, and offers DNA tests for private persons as wel as companies. 

LDG also participates in the teaching activities of our faculty.