Staff members of the Ethology Lab


  • Prof. Dr. Christel Moons
    Assistant Professor Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare
    Associate member of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine, subspecialty Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
    T +32 (0)9 264 78 09

    Prof. Christel Moons has been the head of the lab sinds the end of 2011, whereby she is responsible for the daily operations as well as coordinating and executing research, teaching, and service regarding animal behaviour and welfare.


  • Prof. Em. Dr. Frank Ödberg
    T +32 (0)9 264 78 09

    Prof. Em. Dr. Frank Ödberg is the founder of the laboratory and is an expert on stereotypic behaviour as well as behaviour and welfare of horses (including equitation). Even after his retirement, he remains actively involved in research, teaching and service provided by the Laboratory for Ethology.


Next, there are several visiting professors associated with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who are all involved with teaching part of the course organised by the Laboratory for Ethology and who also carry out other research and/or service activities related to animal behaviour and welfare.


PhD Students

The following students are currently working toward their PhD degree at or in collaboration with the Laboratory for Ethology:

    • Sanne Ott
    • Rian Lensen
    • Glynnis Devos
    • Pierre-Alexandre Dendoncker
    • Melissa Snoeks

To learn more about their research projects click here.