Lecture: Clinical trials for and impacted by COVID-19

01-06-2021 from 19:00 to 20:00
to be decided

Clinical trials for and impacted by COVID-19

Lecture given by Prof. An Vandebosch and Dra. Kelly Van Lancker

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on, so do efforts to find a safe and effective novel coronavirus vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is one of many companies hard at work on a COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

During the first part of the presentation, we will go deeper into the development of this vaccine. What’s the process to get the vaccine on the market? How are vaccines approved? What are the criteria for a safe and effective vaccine? What made the shortened timeline possible? On which groups of people is the vaccine being tested?

While considerable efforts have been made to set up trials in COVID-19, the vast majority of ongoing trials continue to be in other disease areas. We will therefore also shed light on the impact of the pandemic on these trials. How is the pandemic impacting the interpretability, collection and analysis of the clinical trial data? Has the virus affected the ability to conduct trials in safe and effective ways? Are some of these trials (temporarily) stopped? What are the long-term consequences?

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