WP1: New project funding

Research funding in the area of social sciences and humanities mostly consists of relatively short projects, ranging from a couple of months to four years. For financial reasons, few funding agencies are able to provide research funding that extends this time span or that goes beyond the appointment of one or two junior researchers.

Long-term research projects in which also the expertise of postdoctoral researchers reaches its full potential, are of great importance for both knowledge development in general and for the consortium partners.

In general, solely focusing on short-term research projects for the benefit of immediate and simple policy adoptions is a too narrow strategy for the development of science. Larger research projects, whether they take longer or make use of several researchers and even research teams, help us gain insight in more complex scientific problems and challenges.

Furthermore, such projects make it possible for the consortium partners to establish a more sound and solid structure in which projects benefit from the availability of junior researchers as well as postdoc researchers and professors.

Therefore, the aim of the consortium is to obtain research funding that extends the scope of a single PhD project or a limited policy recommendation.